The New Jersey 99s Annual 

Dodie Riach Memorial Scholarship

Award Winners

Rachel Conklin ~ 2018

Pardon our appearance

Emily Mailhot ~2017 

Emily Mailhot passed her Private Pilot Checkride!!!


Susan Loricchio was awarded the 2015 Dodi Riach Scholarship. 

Diane Abela was awarded  the Dodie & David Riach Scholarship for 2015.  

She is an aspiring helicopter pilot. 

Tammi Tucci was awarded the Amelia Earheart Scholarship for 2014

2013 Dodie and David Riach      

Scholarship Winners        

Jingxian Chen & Jessica Vurginac

Center is Joanne Campbell

2014 Scholarship winners!

The 2016 Dodie Riach Scholarship

goes to Helena Lind of the NYC 99s,  

who is working towards her instrument rating.

The Dodie and David Riach Memorial Scholarship

The New Jersey Chapter of the Ninety-Nines awards the Dodie and David Riach Memorial Scholarship annually to as many as three pilots, or student pilots, who are pursuing flight training in New Jersey. Application forms become available online at this site and in most New Jersey airports in the Summer. The awards are presented at the Chapter's annual holiday dinner in December.


Purpose of the Scholarship: The Scholarship is awarded to a pilot or student pilot in recognition of an earnest desire to further his or her aviation achievements.


Governing Body: The Scholarship Committee is composed both of Ninety-Nines and of active members of the aviation community who have no connection to the Ninety-Nines.


Eligibility: Any pilot or student pilot, of any gender, who is training in New Jersey, is eligible to apply for the Scholarship.


Application Procedure: Applicants must submit to the New Jersey Chapter of the Ninety-Nines: a completed application form, a short essay, a letter of recommendation, and other documentation described in the application form. Completed applications must be postmarked no later than the last Monday in October for the December award.


Selection Criteria: The Scholarship Committee will review each application, and choose one or more recipients based on criteria that will include appropriateness of goals and relative need. Only complete applications will be considered.


Time Limit: For the 2018 recipients, they must use the award within the period from its receipt through December 1, 2019. The 2017 Scholarship must be used January 1, 2019 through December 1, 2019.


Method of Payment: Recipients are paid monthly in arrears. Recipients must first pay for their flight training, and then submit monthly expense reports and receipts for audit, approval, and reimbursement by the Scholarship Chair.


2018 Scholarship Application click here


For more information, contact Rosemary Albrecht at 908 233-8292, or write to:

Rosemary Albrecht, Scholarship Chair

Dodie and David Riach Memorial Scholarship

1338 Wood Valley Road, Mountainside, NJ 07092


Contributions to the Scholarship Fund are tax deductible, and always welcome!

The Amelia Earhart Scholarship

The Ninety-Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots awards the annual Amelia Earhart (AE) Scholarship to deserving 99s with at least one year of membership, and with a need for financial assistance, so that they may complete advanced training and education to progress toward a specific goal in aviation and aerospace.


For more information, see The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships and Awards, or contact Lorna Mack, AE Scholarship Chapter Contact by email at

Fly Now!  Scholarship




The FLY NOW Award is a progressive award given to Student Pilot Members with a need for financial assistance to become licensed pilots. The award provides up to $6000 toward completion of the Recreational Pilot, Sport Pilot, or Private Pilot certificate, or non-U.S. equivalent, in any aircraft. This award will be given progressively to winners AFTER they complete four milestones in their training.


Applicant must be an official Student Pilot Member of The 99s at least one month prior to the submission deadline.  Must have, if required for the pilot certificate sought, a current medical certificate. Applicant need NOT have soloed or passed the written exam.


Each Applicant who belongs to a Chapter needs to request a recommendation from her Chapter Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Chairman. Each Applicant in a Section without chapters needs to request a recommendation from her Section Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Chairman. In addition, each applicant must have a Mentor, a 99 who will support her through the training process. 


For more information including deadlines, see The Fly Now Instructions, or contact Lorna Mack, AE Scholarship Chapter Contact by email at